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February 29, 2024 in Blog

February: A Leap into Love, Leadership, and Legacy

Welcome to a blog post unlike any I’ve shared. Today I am taking a leap into a topic personal to me – the month of February. You might question the reasoning of reflecting on a month, but February is not just any month to me. In its mighty 28 days, 29 in a leap year, it is the essence of my personal and cultural celebrations, all intertwined with intention and purpose. Enjoy as I share why February holds such a special place in my heart, exploring themes of love, leadership, and legacy.

Love – My World

Valentine’s Day’s complex history has turned into a global commercialized celebration of love, yet it serves as a reminder of the importance of expressing love openly, beyond mere silent appreciation. I take the romance out of it and focus on expressing feelings and recognize that’s when the magic happens. The lesson here is profound: love, unexpressed, remains just a thought – YOU MATTER.

February is a month of personal milestones: my mother’s birthday, my own, and the anniversary of the first date with my husband. These are not dates on my calendar. They are pivotal moments that profoundly shaped me. Celebrating them reinforces the bonds of love and gratitude I share with my mother whose love embraced me as a mixed-race child in a world that wasn’t always welcoming and to my husband’s love which has been a constant through the myriad versions of myself. So, each year, when I celebrate another revolution around the sun, I’m reminded of the enduring love and support that have been my constant, guiding me through personal growth and self-discovery. 

Love – Our World

February also hosts broader celebrations like President’s Day and Black History Month, each contributing to a collective reflection on love’s role in shaping society. President’s Day allows us to honor the leadership and vision of figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, reflecting on our love for country and the ideals of democracy and equality.

Black History Month, a powerful reminder of the African American community’s contributions, struggles, and achievements. A time to celebrate diversity, inclusion, recognize the strength, the resiliency, and the impact of Black Americans. A time where a light is shone on the importance of understanding, respect, and love for each other’s backgrounds and experiences.

Considering my roots as a mixed-race woman from the South, I’m acutely aware of the significance of timing. Had I been born just a decade earlier; the landscape of my opportunities might have been starkly different. February – a time of love, progress, and hope for a more inclusive future.


My journey in leadership has been both profound and transformative.  Seneca Falls, NY, with its rich history in the Women’s Rights Movement, provided a backdrop that constantly reminded me of the struggles and triumphs in the journey toward gender equality as I attended a women’s college a half-hour away. College was more than academic growth—it was a deep dive into the essence of what it means to be a leader, especially a woman in leadership.

This bell jar of an environment that encouraged advocacy and change is where my understanding of leadership began to crystallize. One pivotal moment was my junior year at the Sadie Hawkins dance—a leap year tradition that symbolizes women’s empowerment. Imagine this event, set against the backdrop of an era where female voices in leadership were becoming increasingly prominent, at a woman’s college during the third-wave feminism era. It was a revelation and underscored the idea that leadership isn’t just about taking charge but about breaking molds and challenging norms. 

Before I even knew about the DISC assessment and could name high “D” and a high “I” behaviors, I knew that my task-oriented approach, coupled with an innate focus on people would propel me forward and allow me to carve out spaces where I would excel with people and problem solving. 

An innocuous Leap Year / Sadie Hawkins dance taught me an invaluable lesson about leadership. It was an experience that shaped my understanding of what it means to lead with conviction and empathy. From that moment on, with its extra day, Leap Day has become a symbol for me—a metaphorical pause button that allows me to reflect on my leadership path, reassess my goals, and plan. It’s a moment of rest, reset, and relaxation before diving back into the challenges that lie ahead. 


Utilizing the 29th as a springboard, I plan on assessing my approach this year. I’m not going to wait for leap years to refine myself or my path, I am challenging myself to use every day as a chance to shape my legacy through love and leadership. It’s time for me to have those pivotal moments with the lives I touch and impact personally and professionally, now.

Let this leap year be a reminder to set ambitious goals, embrace unique strengths, and commit to making a difference, day by day.


As I leap through February and beyond, I invite you to carry the lessons of love, aspirations of leadership, and commitment to leaving a legacy. This month, while personal to me, offers universal insights into the power of expressing love, the importance of leading with purpose, and the potential each extra day holds for making meaningful change. If you’re curious to learn more about how DISC can illuminate your path in leadership and life, I’m here to share that journey with you. Let’s leap into this year with intention, heart, and the courage to transform our worlds. Together, we can explore the vast potential of leadership that not only achieves goals but also fosters an environment of inclusion, respect, and empowerment. Let’s chat.

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