Stress Quotient®

Organizational stressors have a multi-billion-dollar impact on your top and bottom line. 

Without knowing where the stressors are, it’s nearly impossible to create a productive work environment that’s not distracted and suffering under the impact of those stressors. 

The Stress Quotient identifies 7 areas of organizational stress that might be holding you back and costing you more than just money.


Ways to Leverage the Stress Quotient:

  • Individual: Taking control of your own stress and looking for ways to manage stress at work? This assessment gives you a way to identify areas that cause stress so you can cope and recharge more effectively.
  • Organizational: Organization-wide, department by department or manager by manager, understand the pain points that impact productivity, health, and engagement. Once identified, we’ll help you create a stress-reduction plan that works for your people, your culture, and your balance sheet.

Here’s what people are saying…

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