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Kelly Irons

Kelly Irons

CEO, President
Responsibilities: Lead the team and the business to provide extraordinary results for everyone we engage.


Nina Harrison

Director of Global Delivery & Ops
Responsibilities: Create value for our customers, be it through streamlining processes or facilitating courses.

Deborah Rivera

Deborah Rivera

Instructional Designer/Developer
Responsibilities: Creative development of customer learning experiences. You ask for the training, we design it!

Macarra Fowler-Ferguson

Macarra Fowler-Ferguson

Marketing Manager
Responsibilities: Crafting and executing innovative marketing strategies, cultivating brand growth, and engaging our target audience.

Josh Roberts

eLearning developer
Responsibilities: Develop top-notch e-Learning products for developUs Worldwide, a global coaching and professional development organization.

John Glavasich

John Glavasich

Creative Director
Responsibilities: Elevate the visual communication for all developUs products and services.


We deliver extraordinary learning experiences that make a difference to everyone involved.


We will be a globally recognized brand in training and development because of the measurable value we bring in every interaction with our partners, clients, and end users.

Core Values

Authenticity Rules

Around here, authenticity reigns queen.  Your background, your perspective, and your life’s experiences help us do better work for our clients.  Your likes, dislikes, motivations, dreams, and style help us know you and do right by you.  We encourage our clients, partners, and team to bring their full authentic selves to the relationships we have with them. There is no better way to live or to work.

Assume Responsibility

When there’s work to be done, we all lean in.  We admit our mistakes. We strive to get better.  We don’t pass the buck. We ask for help when we need it, and the team responds.  We behave in ways that demonstrate a deep sense of responsibility. We hold ourselves to high standards, thrive on accountability, and encourage our peers, partners, and clients to be accountable for their actions and impact, like we are to ours.

Relationships Matter, a Lot!

We value the longstanding relationships we have with our partners, teammates, and clients.  Our content and approach to work is rooted in the fundamental principles of building high-performing relationships.  What we do impacts people at work and infiltrates their lives. The strength and depth of our relationships aren’t just how we define our success, they are why we are successful.

Dream Big

Small goals get small results.  We encourage everyone we encounter to challenge the limits of their thinking and ask what’s possible for each other, for our clients, and for themselves.  We inherently believe that people are capable of far more than what currently resides in their field of vision, and we consider it our job to help people explore new possibilities.