Present Like a Boss

Presentation skills are important for a variety of roles, whether you are delivering a sales pitch or leading your company’s annual meeting. Leadership skills are similarly important, regardless of your rank and tenure.

This course brings the two together in a unique and transformational 2-day experience. Participants will learn the fundamentals of good presentation delivery, including both the physical, in-front-of-the-room skills, and the content required to deliver compelling presentations, from the sales floor to the board room.

Participants will receive real-time feedback and coaching while building a presentation that requires them to identify their leadership brand, style, and vision.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Stand and deliver with confidence
  • Demonstrate physical skills which transforms the way they look
  • Recognize the differences between the audience experience and the presenter experience
  • Deliver a clear and compelling message to audiences

Intended Audience:

  • Leaders of any tenure
  • Sales professionals
  • Aspiring speakers
  • Conference presenters

Here’s what people are saying…

"Very well done. Great presenter, presented in an interesting and engaging manner."
"Thank you so much for delivering a great program, we really enjoyed the presentation."
A. Chioma Ejim
Manager, Education
"Thank you for your patient and effective approach, I found the training to be invaluable."
Director of Client Services