Selling Skills Index

Sales is the number one most recommended training program in the world.  And yet, it’s almost never tailored to what your sales team actually needs. 

Find out where people excel and where they struggle with this simple yet comprehensive selling skills assessment.

Ways to Leverage the Selling Skills Index

  • Pre-Hire: Find out more about your future rainmakers by learning about their selling approach before making an offer.
  • Sales Team: Help every salesperson on your team get better by identifying where they would benefit from development. Arm sales leaders with the instruction manual that creates hyper-focus and individualized development plans for their teams.

Here’s what people are saying…

"I received excellent feedback from the team regarding the training that you delivered for us. I really appreciate everything that you did!"
Founder & CEO
"Ms. Irons did a masterful job in her presentation last week and in her ability to hold our TCA staff's attention for four hours. It was time well spent."
Trial Court Admin
“After 31 years in this industry…I found myself excited and in awe of the possibilities ahead! What triggered my thinking? KELLY! What an amazing group!”
Director, Education