Driving Forces

Uncover the motivating factors for everyone on your team. Driving Forces provide insight into the things that are most important in order to feel fulfilled and motivated to take action.

When paired with DISC, this assessment helps provide a full picture of the person by combining how they behave with an explanation of the things that compel them into action.

Ways to Leverage Driving Forces:

  • Pre-Hire: DISC helps employers make a candidate-to-job match, while Driving Forces helps employers make a culture match. Find out if what you value and incentivize lines up with what matters most to your future hires.  (And if you happen to be hiring sales people, there are two driving forces that are predictive of success in the role).
  • Leaders: When leaders know what matters most to every person on their team, they lead better, build more meaningful relationships, and incentivize people in the ways that drive engagement and results.
  • Individuals: If you want to design a life that brings deep fulfillment, having words to describe what “fills you up” is a great first step.

Here’s what people are saying…

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