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January 25, 2024 in Blog

The Power of Investing in Employee Development

Ever pondered the heartbeat of a truly thriving workplace? You know the one. Where employees show up wanting to perform at their very best every day. Where there’s an environment that supports and fosters creative expression and calculated risk-taking. Where employee engagement (and subsequently retention) is through the roof. Spend a few minutes with us as we uncover one of the most impactful ways to make this perceived out-of-reach fantasy, a reality for your business.  

Your Key Takeaway

If you need one takeaway, it’s this: Investing in your team’s development is not just a nice-to-have; it’s the master key to a vibrant, empowered, and future-ready organization.

Employees are exceptionally savvy investors. They aren’t just seeking a cushy paycheck; they’re looking for a company invested in their career development.  Why? Because they get it – investments aren’t just about financial gains; they’re about personal and professional growth. When a company throws its weight behind their career journey, it sends a resounding message – “We care about your success, and we’re committed to fueling your growth.”

And with that, we’ve just dispelled a pervasive myth – compensation isn’t the be-all and end-all. Is it important? Absolutely. Inflation has made sure of it. But people walk away from hefty paychecks, quarterly bonuses, and impressive commission structures every day. Why? Because what truly matters is the sense of being valued and appreciated. And this goes beyond a staff party or a plaque that will likely catch dust at the back of a shelf. When you want to show that you truly value and appreciate your employees, you invest in their future. You show your employees that they’re more than a number, they’re not a disposable resource to the company – you bring to life the “human” in Human Resources. You invest in their growth. 

But how do you realistically make this happen?

Value Your Employees

Companies aren’t lifeless entities; they’re living, breathing, diverse communities of people. In this business, people take center stage. When your employees feel genuinely valued, magic happens. They transform into the driving force behind exceptional customer experiences, going the extra mile to ensure your business not only survives but thrives. They genuinely want you to see you win. 

When your employees feel valued, your retention rates climb. Your employees want to stick around. According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 94 percent of employees said that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Imagine that. 94 percent of your employees just want you to invest in their career goals. 

When your employees feel valued, it becomes the currency that forges an authentic connection beyond mere monetary transactions. Your employees now feel a positive emotional connection to the company. This isn’t just a pat on the back, or a pay increase; it’s the fuel propelling your employees forward. You give them purpose on the job.

Take the investment even further. Implement recognition programs, celebrate achievements, host graduation ceremonies, and create an environment where every contribution is acknowledged. This fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere where every member feels as though they are making a difference when they show up to work. 

Recognize The Need to Retain and Attract Top Talent

You want to retain and attract top talent. You want the best of the best. How do you do this? How do you become the company that stands out as the most attractive amongst the myriad of opportunities presented online? You promote and offer career development. 

The high performers on your team want more. They want you to give them opportunities to grow. They want a realistic succession plan, and they want you to help them get there. They want to know they are not going to stay in the same position, doing the same job for 12 years. Not when they’re desperate for more. 

In a post-pandemic environment and with remote work on the rise, your prospective employees have access to global opportunities. They have access to 4-day work weeks, unlimited PTO, tuition reimbursement, the ability to truly work from anywhere, 6-month maternity and paternity leave. High performers want more. They want to secure a career with a company that helps them reach their goals and offering career development opportunities can set you apart from the competition. 

Your top talent also craves stability and longevity. A company that tangibly invests into their employees is seen as committed. When you invest in their development, you tell them, “We’re in this, with you, for the long haul.” 

Create Impactful Training Opportunities

How do you implement training and processes that show your employees you’ve put real thought into their training? They won’t be fooled by a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentation. They have a discerning eye, capable of differentiating between a standard copy-and-paste presentation and an intentional and well-crafted one. 

Create niched training programs that focus on their specific needs. If they’re on track to becoming Sales Director, don’t waste their time with entry-level training. Give them meat. Have them read case studies and create real life scenarios that they will face in their new roles. Make the training challenging and stretch their capabilities. Focus on their soft skills, too. Create a well-rounded leader that not only drives performance but one that can create a positive work environment. Your goal is to create human leaders that know how to positively engage with team members, not high performing robots. Give them not only the knowledge, but the confidence to know that they have managerial support and can thrive in a new leadership role. Truly set them up for success. 

Learning and development teams, listen closely – the key lies in choosing or crafting systems that genuinely add value. We’re not advocating for or endorsing routine lectures; we’re all about those lightbulb moments that spark genuine excitement and curiosity – true AHA! moments. This is when the knowledge you’re sharing becomes a catalyst for genuine engagement and growth – for both the employees and the business. 

It’s not just about checking off an item on your to-do list. Leaders, the onus is on you to ensure those training sessions leave a lasting impact, make a real difference, and generate a positive ROI. You’re the true architects of impact in your company. Create avenues for your employees to apply their newfound knowledge and provide tools that keep the learning flame alive post-training. Create a mentorship program that creates accountability points and offers coaching opportunities. Again, this is not a checkbox; it’s about witnessing real, tangible benefits. It’s about watching people grow and thrive. 

Fellow enthusiasts of growth, it’s time to recognize the lifeline of your organization – your employees’ hunger for learning and development. 

The Solution

At developUs we’ve met with numerous clients who say one of the main reasons they’ve held back from offering extra learning and development opportunities is a lack of time and resources. We know that allocating time to training is no easy task – schedules are packed, and the eight hours just doesn’t feel like enough. That’s where we come in. 

We understand that employee development is not a luxury; it’s a necessity for survival and prosperity. We don’t just understand this concept; we thrive on it. We’re here to help create undeniable success for both the employee and employer.

We specialize in crafting and conducting custom trainings that redefine the quality of your learning tools, impacting team members from entry level to first time leaders to seasoned C-suite executives. We have a wide range of offerings from one-day courses that focus on speaking and presentation skills to full-on life-changing and transformative courses that cover a full year. Our courses are designed specifically for those seeking true transformation on their team. 

Because of the focus and quality of our training, companies realize a quicker return on their investment. We share real-world knowledge and give countless ways to implement them into your personal and professional life. Give us your goals and we create and deliver on a plan that’s just right for your business.

Curious about reshaping your learning culture and unleashing the full potential of your team? Reach out to us at Let’s work together and craft a learning journey that shapes a future-ready, empowered, and unstoppable workforce.

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