Executive Team Alignment

Executive Teams have the distinct responsibility of determining the direction of an organization and leading their teams in a way that aligns individual behaviors with organizational goals.

When the Executive Team is completely aligned around specific performance and behavioral objectives, the results are impressive.

Conversely, when there are challenges in departments across the organization, it is often a symptom of alignment challenges at the Executive Level.

This year-long program works closely with intact Executive Teams to clarify expectations, align behaviors, and create high-performing relationships with each other in order to drive results, both business and cultural, beyond what may currently seem possible.

Program Components

  • 5 Day Executive Retreat
  • Day 1: Full-Day Meeting with Executive Team
  • Day 2: Individual Meetings with Executive Team Members
  • Day 3: Full-Day Meeting with Executive Team
  • Quarterly One-Day Calibration Meetings
  • Monthly Individual Executive Coaching for all members of the Executive Team

Intended Audience:

Executive Teams experiencing a transition in people or strategy

Here’s what people are saying…

"Kelly did an excellent job communicating the nuts & bolts of instructional design considering I have no prior experience or knowledge. Thoroughly enjoyed the training and learned a lot"
Evaluation & Assessment Specialist
"Thank you, Kelly, for your amazing class and instruction. I am still reeling that you were able to get me past my crippling fear of speaking to a place where I feel like I can present in front of a group."
"I just LOVE working for an organization that rolls up their sleeves, gets work done, and has so many quality people working in it. I am honored to be a part of it all."
VP, Professional Services