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March 19, 2018 in Blog

Why Does Our Logo Lean?

We Are Wired for Story

Stories are universal. Years ago; stories are what kept us alive, dangers and life lessons were embedded into tales engaging a listener rather than dryly administering data and rules. Stories are a narrative constructed with both data and emotion making it more likely that a lesson or wise advice would be remembered. We are wired for stories because we long to know how others think, and enjoy being included and informed. Brene Brown an author that is admired by the developUs team has a powerful quote about stories that we believe frames this idea perfectly.

“Stories are just data with a soul.”
– Brene Brown

The Story of Our Logo

When our team meets with prospective clients, sharing the story of our logo has become the go-to method to quickly and accurately describe the workplace culture of developUs and to highlight what sets us apart. We invite you to engage with our quick story/video to learn more about us and the why behind our drive to create better leaders and stronger teams.


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