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February 18, 2018 in Blog, Hot Updates

Why You Do What You Do

When the developUs team finds valuable content that resonates with leaders and teams, we get excited about sharing it! We just read an excellent article published by TTISI; they’re the folks who created and supply the behavioral and motivational assessment that we use in our leadership training and coaching programs.
If you’ve ever been curious about DISC and DRIVING FORCES, this quick read does a fantastic job of illustrating how the things that motivate us show up in daily life and bring with them the potential for both collaboration and division.

When you understand what motivates an individual (why they do what they do), then you radically shift the landscape of how to engage, appreciate, and relate to that person. We know the assessment is invaluable to teams and leaders and due to its tremendous ability to forge understanding and growth, we’ve taken great care in crafting a certification experience for this tool that is unique and highly engaging. We have filled the certification prep course with real-life application, energetic examples, and authentic stories, making the content memorable and fluid as you sit for certification.

Enjoy the article; we’re confident that you’ll find a few similar situations that you’ve experienced firsthand!

If you would like to know more about getting certified, you’ll find information about our next certification opportunity here.

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