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February 1, 2017 in Blog

The Third A: Accountability


What would it take to transform your RE-lationship into a REAL-ationship.  Linguistically speaking, we just added an “a”, but that one little letter packs a punch.  It’s bigger and more influential than it looks.

So, what’s that “A” all about? Here’s a quick read on the third “A.”

As you may know from the REALationships work that we do, accountability gets a bad rap.  It’s not, as many people think, about begin in trouble.  Accountability means that what you do matters.  As a matter of fact, lists ‘responsibility’ as the primary synonym for accountability, and who doesn’t want to be described as responsible?  If you look at the definition there, it also lists blameworthiness, which at first, I didn’t like so much.   But after unpacking it a bit, I realized that they’re right.  It is about blameworthiness, especially when we are talking about self-accountability.  If you are trying to eat healthily, let’s say, doing a WholeFood30 challenge, and you decide to eat a burger and fries, well, who’s to blame for that?  Here’s the thing, non-leaders blame the situation.  “Well, I was out with friends (or clients), and they didn’t have anything WholeFood30 approved on the menu.”  Leaders, on the other hand, hold themselves accountable.  “They did have a grilled chicken option.  I could have ordered that with veggies instead of fries, and asked them to hold the sauce.”  (For the record, eatingWholeFood30 is easy, deciding to eat WholeFood30 is what’s hard. Ping me if you want to talk about it.)  If you can’t hold yourself accountable for the goals you set for yourself, then how are you ever going to hold anyone else accountable?  If you aren’t, what’s preventing you from believing that your goals matter?  And if you don’t have goals, go set some, and then hold yourself accountable for taking the steps to achieve them, it’s good practice.


When you agree to become accountable for a team, here’s what you are committing to:

I’m willing to answer for the outcomes, the choices, the behaviors, and the actions in all situations no matter the result. You must harness the skill set to be a fixer not a finger pointer.


Secure your opportunity in our next course that’s all about the A’s:

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