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January 1, 2017 in Blog

The Fourth A: Authenticity


What would it take to transform your RE-lationship into a REAL-ationship. Linguistically speaking, we just added an “a”, but that one little letter packs a punch.  It’s bigger and more influential than it looks.

So, what’s that “A” all about? Here’s a quick read on the fourth and final “A.”

Authenticity is the end-all-be-all of leadership.  Here’s why.  People have a built-in BS meter.  There’s nothing that turns people off more than disingenuousness.  You know people that make you wonder “Why is he acting like that?  That’s not ‘him’ at all.” Or worse, “She doesn’t even realize that we can all see through her.” Those are the people that you wouldn’t follow for all the money in the world if you had the choice.  John Maxwell, during a JMT Training session I attended once said, “Authenticity is the most important word in leadership today.” He makes a great point about people wanting to follow authentic leaders, not perfect leaders.  And you know what the great part is?  Self-awareness, self-acknowledgement, and self-accountability (our first, second, and third A’s) are the building block of authenticity.  A great coach can help push you over the finish line by holding you accountable for being authentic.


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A1: Awareness

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