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April 1, 2017 in Blog

The First A: Awareness

What would it take to transform your RE-lationship into a REAL-ationship. Linguistically speaking, we just added an “a”, but that one little letter packs a punch. It’s bigger and more influential than it looks.

So, what’s that “A” all about? Here’s a quick read about the first “A.”


If you aren’t self-aware, then your chances of being an influential leader (and what other kind is there?) reduce to almost zero.  A leader’s job is to make others self-aware, so they can develop and rise to their own potential. Therefore, self-awareness is a good starting point for you too.  Do you ask for feedback and actually listen to it instead of trying to negate it, dismiss it, or defend yourself?  Have you taken any professional development assessments, like the TriMetrix DNA, which measures your behavioral style, motivational factors, and competencies?  Have you worked with a coach?  Here’s the thing about self-awareness: just because you don’t know it about you, doesn’t mean that others don’t know it about you.  Check out for a great explanation of blind spots, and then get excited about discovering them!

A couple of questions to launch rich conversation & gain valuable feedback:

  1. Share a positive & less than positive element of our company culture that you think I might not be aware of.
  2. If you were running the company, what’s something you’d be doing differently?


Secure your opportunity in our upcoming course that’s all about the A’s:

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