Director Global Delivery & Operations

Make-Believe-Should-Have Job Title: The Get Stuff Done Officer

Responsibilities: Create value to our customers be it through streamlining processes or facilitating courses.

Value that you add to our Customer: Driving business results requires investing in a renewable energy, people.

Value that you add to our Team: The first one to sign up for anything that requires organization, labels or excel.

Favorite quote: To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. E.E. Cummings

What’s one thing on your bucket list: Be on Jeopardy.

The one thing you plan to do to change the world, even just a little bit: Smile – it has no language barrier and it’s contagious.

The thing you did as a kid that was the best predictor of who you would be as an adult: With severe stage fright at a young age, I quickly learned to pivot and embrace fear. Here I am publicly speaking for a living!