Custom Training Solutions

First, let’s define “custom.”

What we mean by “custom” is not the traditional “we have content that we can customize to your audience.” What we mean by custom is that our clients own the intellectual property at the beginning, middle and end of the project. We tap your subject matter experts, review your existing content, and understand your audience, culture and objectives.  Our task is then to design and develop a learning process and product that lands your 30,000 ft. strategy in your learner’s zip code.

No two projects are ever the same, and every project is about you.
We built it.  You own it.


Programs and Workshops


We help leaders be better leaders and teams be better teams during our off-the-shelf and tailored programs.  Available as public workshops and private corporate events, these course are designed to create real change and build real skills.  Whether you select one of our own leadership or teambuilding programs, or one offered by our long-term partners, we guarantee a great experience.


We did the research for you and found the absolute best assessments in the talent development industry.  Whether you want to assess talent for hiring, use assessment for teambuilding, provide feedback to your leaders, evaluate competencies of you sales team, or assess the level of stress your employees are experiencing, or assessment can help.  Contact us for a complimentary sample report!


Consulting and Coaching


We build training every day for our clients.  But sometimes, training isn’t the right solution to solve the problem.  Analysis and discovery often reveal a need for a different hiring profile, leader accountability, communication, change management, coaching, a mentoring strategy or something else.  As an employee development firm, our goals is to connect you with and provide the right solution for your talent needs.  If training will solve the problem, then it’s training we will build.  If not, our internal and partner coaches/consultants will work with you to get the results you need to succeed.