Josh Roberts


Make-Believe-Should-Have Job Title: CFO – Chief Fun-Ologist – I believe everything gets better when everyone is having fun! Engagement is higher, turnover is lower, individuals learn faster, communicate better, trust is increased and teamwork is great.

Responsibilities: Create and facilitate engaging and interactive learning & development environments and team building experiences.

Value that you add to our Customers: My focus is always on exceeding the client’s expectations by customizing training or coaching content according to the desired outcomes for their leaders and teams. By asking the right questions and challenging limiting beliefs, I help my clients achieve real breakthroughs. Along with this, I have years of experience organizing and managing leadership development events and personal growth experiences for clients that connect my clients with other like-minded leaders across multiple sectors.

Value that you add to our Team: I bring positive energy, strategic thinking and a high level of adaptability to the team. I remain calm in stressful situations and continuously seek out options that will help the team win when faced with roadblocks and challenges. I quickly adapt in unpredictable environments and help bring clarity to the team in the midst of uncertainty.

Favorite quote: Men are anxious to change their circumstances but are unwilling to change themselves, they therefore remain bound.” – James Allen

“I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference doing something that makes a difference.” – John C. Maxwell

What’s one thing on your bucket list: Skydiving

The one thing you plan to do to change the world, even just a little bit: Build boarding schools in Jamaica for impoverished and homeless youth.

The thing you did as a kid that was the best predictor of who you would be as an adult: Organized a boycott of the school tuck shop (kind of like a take out version of a school cafeteria) to force them to stop preparing food with MSG.