Tori Benenhaley

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Office Administrator

Make-Believe-Should-Have Job Title: Jane-of-all-Trades-Hype-Woman

Responsibilities: Create and facilitate an efficient work environment.

Value that you add to our Customers: I serve as a liaison between our staff and our customers to ensure even the “small things” are taken care of.

Value that you add to our Team: I coordinate activities throughout the company to facilitate a seamless working environment.

Favorite quote: “The end of “schooling” does not mean the end of education. With the right mindset, every experience is a learning opportunity.”

What’s one thing on your bucket list: Like most people, it would be travelling the world! I dream of walking a lot, eating great food, and meeting amazing people along the way!

The one thing you plan to do to change the world, even just a little bit: Raise my son to be a good person and encourage others to be kind. Making someone’s day better is so fulfilling for me!

The thing you did as a kid that was the best predictor of who you would be as an adult: I am the oldest of four girls. My poor dad! I was a “mini mom” always trying to help take care and keep up with everyone. Probably because I am the most organized and responsible out of all of us.