Training Process Outsourcing

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We built it.  You own it.

Looking to make what the smartest and most successful people in your organization know learnable by everyone else?

Looking for a custom-built program that you can call you own?

Considering hiring a Director of Training but not ready to make a lifetime commitment?

Problems We Solve

  • Training Augmentation You know you need an employee development program but don’t have the internal resources to build and/or deliver it effectively
  • Onboarding You are hiring and/or promoting people, and you don’t have an onboarding system for both new hires and people being moved into new roles
  • Knowledge Transfer You have lots of smart people in the organization, and no plan for how to transfer their smarts to the next generation before they leave
  • Death by PPT You have Subject Matter Experts doing training and the content is great, but the delivery needs some help
  • You fee like it’s time to have someone responsible for training in place. You’ve grown enough that you recognize you need training help to ensure successful growth, but you aren’t ready to commit to additonal headcount, and are open to other solutions.

How We Do It:

  • Analysis of your learning needs and objectives.
  • Development of 100% customized training programs for your organization and your organization only
  • Partnership for delivery of content
  • Comprehensive Project Management including design, development, graphics, voice over, technology
  • Your subject matter experts provide the content, our team makes it learnable for everyone else

What you can expect:

  • Quality training programs aligned to specific objectives
  • Engaging materials designed with your brand in mind
  • Delivery support
  • Rave reviews from your studentsComplete copyright ownership