Bringing Your “A” Game to Critical REALationships

Style, approach, values, competencies, backgrounds and principles all vary, but there is one universally held truth in leadership - relationships matter.

This paradigm-shifting course is critical for anyone in a relationship-driven role or business, and for leaders looking to develop great relationship building skills.

This course is based on a proprietary developUs model that sits firmly on the belief that duration and proximity do not determine strength nor depth of relationship.

Participants will learn the 4 components of grade “A” relationships, and be challenged to rethink their approach in this highly transformative workshop.

This course is offered as a 2-Day workshop, or a 6-Month intensive leadership program that includes five months of individual coaching between two in-classroom sessions.


May 17th and November 8th

Employer’s Association
3020 W Arrowood Rd, Charlotte, NC

Course Objectives...

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Recognize and adapt to multiple behavioral and motivational styles to build REALationships

  • Increase levels of self-awareness and seek opportunities for improvement in leadership approach

  • Own your impact in both positive and not-so-positive situations

  • Develop an individual and team practice of recognition and acknowledgment

  • Develop a system of self-management for goal attainment

  • Leverage REALationships to drive high performance

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