Presentation skills are important for a variety of roles, whether you are delivering a sales pitch or leading your company’s annual meeting. Leadership skills are similarly important, regardless of your rank and tenure. This course brings the two together in a unique and transformational 2-day experience.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of good presentation delivery, including both the physical, in-front-of-the-room skills, and the content required to deliver compelling presentations, from the sales oor to the board room.

Participants will receive real-time feedback and coaching, and over the course of the two days, will build a presentation that requires them to identify their leadership brand, style, and vision.


March 23/24 and Oct. 18/19

Employer’s Association
3020 W Arrowood Rd, Charlotte, NC

Course Objectives...

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Effectively demonstrate the use of new physical skills to improve their presentation delivery

  • Identify and put words to their own personal leadership approach and values

  • Deliver a presentation about their own leadership style that demonstrates effective and commanding presentation skills

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