In this assessment-based course, participants replace judgment with understanding as they learn to identify and work with people with different behavioral styles and/or different motivational drivers.

Each participant will complete a 15-30 minute assessment of their own style and motivators, and are provided with a comprehensive report to review prior to attending the course.

During this course, we will review the team’s dynamics, establish a common language that can be used to build trust, build relationships and resolve conflict, and identify the strengths and needs of the overall team profile.

Mysteries are solved, relationships strengthened, and goals established during this transformational day-long team experience.

This course includes one follow up coaching session with each member of the team, and 6 months of executive coaching for the team leader.


April 19 and July 18th

Employer’s Association
3020 W Arrowood Rd, Charlotte, NC

Course Objectives...

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Recognize how your natural style adds value and presents challenges for others on the team

  • Recognize the natural styles of others, and adjust to their needs as necessary for success

  • Establish a common language across the team to talk about sources of interpersonal conflict

  • Build and repair relationships that are strained by style differences

  • Commit to respecting differences and acknowledge the value that each style brings to the team

  • Evaluate roles and responsibilities that are in alignment or conflict with natural styles and motivators

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