Course Catalog

Helping Leaders Be Better Leaders and Teams Be Better Teams

D.R.I.P. Leadership

Driving Relationships to Improve Performance

This 1-Day Course is designed to build skill in three critical areas of employee development for leaders: diagnosing employee development needs, giving and receiving feedback, and coaching for performance.


Bringing Your "A" Game to Critical Relationships

Style, approach, values, competencies & principles all vary, but there is one universal truth in leadership - relationships matter. This course is critical for anyone in a relationship-driven role and leaders looking to develop great relationship building skills.

DISC/Driving Forces Certification

For people who want to administer and debrief the DISC and Driving Forces assessment, this course will increase your knowledge base, build individual and group debrief skills, equip you to lead teambuilding sessions, and prepare you for the CPBA and CPDFA exams.

Leading with Style

In this assessment-based course, participants replace judgment with understanding as they learn to identify and work with people with different behavioral styles and/or motivational drivers. Participants complete a comprehensive assessment of their own style and motivators.

Present Like a Boss

Presentation skills are important for a variety of roles, whether you are delivering a sales pitch or leading your company’s annual meeting. Leadership skills are similarly important, regardless of your rank and tenure. This course brings the two together in a unique and transformational 2-day experience.

Catalyst: 12 Month Leadership Development Program