Catalyst is a 12-month leadership development program that increases the rate at which new and emerging leaders identify their personal leadership philosophy, develop high-performing teams, and build the vital relationships necessary to drive success.


Q1: Present Like a Boss

2-Day In Person Class

Presentation skills are important for a variety of roles, whether you are delivering a sales pitch or leading your company’s annual meeting. Leadership skills are similarly important, regardless of your rank and tenure. This course brings the two together in a unique and transformational 2-day experience. Participants will learn the fundamentals of good presentation delivery, including both the physical, in-front-of-the-room skills and the content required to deliver compelling presentations, from the sales floor to the boardroom. Participants will receive real-time feedback and coaching while building a presentation that requires them to identify their leadership brand, style, and vision. This presentation skills class will have you looking and thinking like a leader, fast!


Q2: D.R.I.P. Leadership

2-Day In Person Class

This course is designed to build skill in three critical areas of employee
development for leaders:

  1. Diagnosing employee development needs
  2. Giving and receiving feedback
  3. Coaching for performance

Over the course of the two days, participants will evaluate their teams, and learn valuable skills that are immediately transferable to their roles. Highly interactive, and both intuitive and introspective, this course is a must for leaders who need to improve their ability to develop their direct reports, and for those who want to build high-performance culture in their teams.


Q3: Get Real: Part One

3-Day In Person Class

Style, approach, values, competencies, backgrounds and principles all vary, but there is one universally held truth in leadership-relationships matter. This paradigm-shifting course is critical for anyone in a relationship-driven role or business, and for leaders looking to develop great relationship building skills. This course is based on a proprietary developUs model that sits firmly on the belief that duration and proximity do not determine strength nor depth of relationship. Participants will learn the 4 components of grade “A” relationships, be challenged to rethink their approach, and learn how to bring their “A Game” to critical relationships.

6 Months of Individual and Group Coaching


Q4: Get Real: Part Two

2-Day In Person Class

In this final course, participants learn and apply Part Two of the GET REAL MODEL. This course covers authentic leadership, diversity and inclusion, and team culture. Participants will spend time sharing growth stories from the 6 months of coaching and establish continued growth plans for themselves and members of their team before receiving their Certificate of Completion.

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