March 11, 2021

Kelly DeMario

Kelly Demario

Brand + Digital Strategist

Make-Believe-Should-Have Job Title: Strategic Storyteller

Responsibilities: Share and connect the developUs story, its solutions, and culture with its audience using creative, digestible, and concise brand messaging.

Value that you add to our Customers: I support our brand’s high-touch and authentic approach that our clients expect and deserve. I add elements that transform clients into enthusiastic partners and set us apart from other industry experts.

Value that you add to our Team: I am the Robin to the Batman’s of developUs. I take caterpillar ideas and return with butterflies.

Favorite quote: “Feedback is a gift, and every day is your birthday!”

What’s one thing on your bucket list: To visit the Almafi Coast where I’ll eat their world-renowned pizza and a lemon delight from Delizia al limone.

The one thing you plan to do to change the world, even just a little bit: Be a “little things” maker and observer – life really is made up of these, so I want to create as many of these micro-moments for the people around me and be mindful to revel in the ones happening all around me.

The thing you did as a kid that was the best predictor of who you would be as an adult: Pulled everything out of the pantry, realigned all of the “like” things, set things back “where they should be” making selection and prep more efficient – my mom was a big fan!

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