Joann Patton

Joann Patton
Quality Control Specialist

Make-Believe-Should-Have Job Title: Resident Grammar Geek and Word Nerd

Responsibilities: Proofread documents for errors and inconsistencies in typing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and form.

Value that you add to our Customers: Written materials are part of a business' public face. I make sure our materials are polished, professional, and clearly communicate ideas to the audience.

Value that you add to our Team: Aside from my mastery of the English language and keen eye for errors in print, I offer freshness of perspective for our content masters and an insatiable appetite for learning.

Favorite quote: "Never make a decision on an empty stomach.”

What’s one thing on your bucket list: NASCAR driving experience!

The one thing you plan to do to change the world, even just a little bit: Raise my 2 little boys to be outstanding men.

The thing you did as a kid that was the best predictor of who you would be as an adult: At 14, I worked my way up from cashier at a candy store to having my own set of keys to the store and opening it on the weekends. To this day, every time I start a new endeavor, I learn as much as I can and always find new ways to add value to the team.